Nutri-Vitamin Serum


Nutri-Vitamin Serum

Verð 5.990 kr

Nærandi serum, fyrir þurra húð. 

This exceptional serum with its amazing texture soothes, repairs, protects and strengthens sensitive and reactive skins. 

Highly concentrated in anti-aging ingredients, the Nutri-Vitamin Serum should be used daily for a period of one month when the skin is exposed to difficult climatic conditions or as often as needed to soothe cutaneous irritations and itchiness.

It leaves the skin soft, supple and comfortable from the very first application. 
Day after day, the Nutri-Vitamin Serum reduces redness and firms the skin.



Calendula oil
Camelina oil
Grape seed oil
Sunflower oil
Echium oil
Pro D.S.B.
Vitamin A 
Vitamin E
Beta Carotene